United Minds for Progress (UMFP) is a non-profit organization that promotes Equal Education, Information Access, and Renewable Energy.


Equal Education

Our civilization’s progress depends on next generations’ ability to continue where we leave our work. For this continuous process, we need to create equal opportunities in education which means providing equal education access opportunity to everyone regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, social background, and academic ability. United Minds supports projects increasing opportunities in equal education.


Information Access

Technology shaping our lives and defining our future also allows us creating and sharing information on every topic. Our wealth and growth can only be sustained by allowing everybody to access the information. Censorship can only temporarily delay or slow down information flow. United Minds is dedicated to support research activities, public awareness, technological developments in information access.


Renewable Energy

As world population increase and quality of life improves, the fossil fuel based energy sources which are threatening our environment are quickly depleting. Mankind has already developed technologies to consume renewable energy source such as sun, wind and water. United Minds promotes use of renewable energies, and energy efficient products and systems, as well supports research and development in these fields.